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Often, planning for the future requires several steps. Our expert team is here to assist you in one or multiple areas of elder law.

VA Benefits

If you are a veteran or the spouse of a veteran, we can help you secure the benefits you deserve.

Veterans or surviving spouses of veterans may qualify for an Improved Pension that will provide financial assistance to offset the cost of necessary health care. This VA benefit is extremely valuable to veterans or surviving spouses of veterans with medical expenses or those needing care in the home, an assisted living facility, or a nursing home. VA benefits planning requires a thorough understanding of the VA laws and regulations, which are confusing, often misinterpreted, and should only be done under the supervision of an attorney accredited with the VA and knowledgeable in the areas of public benefits law.  The team at Lebowski, Vance & Hassan will guide you through the process.


Let us help you navigate through the Medicaid process and make the most of your benefits.

Long-term care planning requires a detailed knowledge of tax law, expertise in estate planning, and a thorough understanding of the Medicaid laws and regulations, which are constantly updated and changing. Long-term care estate planning and Medicaid planning are best accomplished under the supervision of an attorney with expertise in the areas of Elder Law and Medicaid rules and regulations. Certain transfers of property can have significant tax ramifications that should be discussed with your attorney. Furthermore, improper transfers or gifts can disqualify a Medicaid beneficiary and result in a significant period of ineligibility for Medicaid benefits.  The team at Lebowski, Vance & Hassan will ensure your loved one will qualify for Medicaid while protecting your lifetime of hardwork.

Wealth Preservation

Protect and preserve your assets with a customized wealth preservation plan so you can live comfortably.

Wealth Preservation is an area of law that encompasses a wide variety of legal services, including estate planning (from basic to complex), elderlaw, and asset protection planning. Wealth preservation ranges from a simple will or living trust, or a designation of guardian for minor children, to complex multi-generational asset protection planning through trusts, family limited partnerships, and other planning devices. 

For large estates that may be subject to federal estate tax, we provide sophisticated legal services that can minimize, and in some cases eliminate, tax liability.   For small estates, we offer a comprehensive set of basic estate planning documents.  For our older clients, we help with financial issues, care options, government benefits planning, and logistical issues affecting them and their adult children and grandchildren.

There is no one solution for every person, that is why the team at Lebowski, Vance & Hassan will work with you and your family to develop a custom plan for your specific needs.

Estate Planning

Carefully planning your estate now allows you to provide for your family later.

Some people think that if they don’t have an estate worth over $1 million dollars, then they don’t need a trust. Tax planning for large estates can be an important motivating factor to do a living trust, however, there are other important reasons to use this type of planning regardless of wealth level.  Clients enjoy the cost savings involved with the administration of a revocable living trust, as opposed to probate, and the control they have over the assets that they have transferred to their revocable living trust. The trust can provide for the surviving spouse, save estate taxes (depending on the type of trust) and help avoid incapacity and guardianship issues. Moreover, the trust provides a plan and a mechanism for the makers of the trust that will benefit them as they advance in years and pass along assets without going through probate court. Lebowski, Vance & Hassan can guide you through the plans and execute a trust that fits your specific circumstances.

In the planning process for your retirement, Lebowski, Vance & Hassan can also offer you long term care insurance. Leaving nothing to chance with your future.

Will & Trusts

Ensure your wishes are respected with the proper legal documentation.

Every person who owns assets should have, at a minimum, a will. A will dictates the distribution of an individual’s assets upon death. In general, when an individual passes without a properly drafted will, his or her property will be transferred according to Michigan laws. This means that the State may dictate the distribution of an individual’s assets if such individual did not have a properly drafted and enforceable will in place at the time of death. The team at Lebowski, Vance & Hassan can ensure a properly drafted and enforceable will is in place and all assets will pass in the manner intended by such individual.

General Practice

Personal attention on every case.

The dedicated team at Lebowski, Vance & Hassan works efficiently and effectively on behalf of a diverse group of clients, including large corporations, small and family businesses, and individuals from all walks of life.  Our team also specializes in areas of business law and commercial disputes, real estate law and litigation, and appeals in the state and federal systems.

If you, your small business, or your company have a legal problem in one of these areas, have been sued, or are considering filing a lawsuit, or need contract negotiation assistance we can help.